Social Housing

year 2010-2012 (project, with Agenzia Metropolitana srl) 2015-2017 (construction)

client Comune di Venezia, La Immobiliare Veneziana srl, ATER Venezia, VERITAS spa

Structures ing. Giovanni Periotto

Plants ing. Fabrizio Andreatta, p.i. Dimitri Robati

Volume 15.460 mc

Cost of work 11 mlns euro

location Venezia-Mestre

program Urban Regeneration Program for affordable rent residential units : two buildings for 60 units.The project idea starts from the design of the square-garden defined by two L-shaped buildings.The building complex acts as a hinge between the existing urban parks system.In the sixty apartments distributed in the two buildings, large loggias, terraces and hanging gardens project the living area outwards. The buildings have continuous fronts and greater heights (up to five floors) in the heads facing the park, while they lower (up to two floors) and are divided into cluster volumes on the front which looks towards the existing houses that have the typical construction of the widespread city. The stairwells serve two apartments on each floor. The shape of the buildings is designed according to the possibility that each apartment has double facing, towards the garden-square and towards the surrounding parks.