VenicePort SaltPier

year 2015

client APV Venice Port Authority

location Venezia

project (with Patrizio Martinelli, collaborators Nicole Pasqualetto, Giulia Zaffini)

Volume 200,000 mc

program recovery and enhancement of the Sali Pier, Port of Venice The area is in a state of neglect and advanced decay. The project plans to keep the original activity in place which requires functional adaptations and renovations of both the buildings (port warehouse and office building) and the area with its infrastructures. Refurbishment of the flooring with squares and safe driveways and pedestrian paths, green areas new quay, the current one cannot be used; track restoration. The existing warehouse is partially demolished, renovated and put back into operation as a workshop while keeping the external facades unchanged. In the restructuring, a plan is set up to document the transformations of the Port Island in the hundred years since the creation of the new port (from 26 July 1917): this will be the new Port Island Museum.A new warehouse (silos) is built, suitable for current uses. The office building is restored. The redevelopment creates a system of functional and figurative relationships between the various elements, integrating the entire area and enhancing the whole of the salt pier. The renovation recycles the partial demolition materials that remain in place: wooden panels and bricks will be reused for pedestrian walkways, flooring, and for the set up of the new Port Island Museum.