Venezia CityMall

year 2008 (project, with Gianluca Ferro, Luigi Scottà. Collaborators Michele Cavallaro, Erika Rutter) 2011-2012 (construction)

client Nova Marghera spa

location Venezia-Porto Marghera

structure Studio Favero-Milan

program regeneration of a polluted area and general refurbishment of a former fertilizer warehouse just in front of the Venice lagoon. The project create a multifunction pole of leisure attraction for people working in the existing science-technology park Vega (60,000sqm offices and laboratories). The intervention consists of two buildings: the former fertilizer warehouse and the former Agrimont canteen, among these: in continuity with the interior spaces, a new pedestrian square, an urban meeting place which is the center of the new developments underway in the neighboring areas. The former fertilizer warehouse, built between the 40s and 60s, has a pavilion roof with a reinforced concrete frame and is divided into two aisles interlocked in a T shape, with equal rectangular bases (30 x 60 m) and different heights (19 and 13 m) and with the characteristic horizontal lantern crown. The design solution maintains the structural frame in reinforced concrete - regenerated with carbon fiber treatment - and develops with typology and materials that conform to the existing ones, aiming to keep the historical memory of the industrial building alive. The new metal carpentry structure for the deck and the elevated structures is completely independent from the existing one. The glazed, ventilated, semi-structural facades cover the building without interruption like a continuous skin. The special glasses have characteristics of very high solar-thermal and acoustic insulation. Inside, the unifying element between old and new is the diffused brightness of the homogeneous white color.