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Armando Dal Fabbro and Maria Giulia Montessori are architects, they live and work in Venice dealing with architecture and urban design. With their consolidated experience as consultants in teamworking both with high profile professionals, engineering firms, real estate development companies and groups of students and young architects, they develop architectural projects and analysis on the city and carry out activities such as buildings survey, feasibility studies, consulting and advisory services.

Architectural Design:Design competitions and advanced research projects, with particular reference to sustainable buildings and environmental research aimed to territorial development of landscape and big structures. Urban Regeneration

Consulting + Advisory Services:Redevelopment projects of urban wastelands; Restauration of existing buildings; Feasibility studies; Market testing and definition of functional mix of projects; Presidium of the planning process and control of implementation; Marketing planning and management process of promotion and marketing.Technical due diligence reports and building survey; town planning and statutory compliance review.

Editorial:Publishing projects, art and architecture illustrated books and international co-editions. Layout design and Copy editing of illustrated books. Copywriting

Armando Dal Fabbro, architect, is full professor at IUAV. Since 1992 he has been teaching architectural and urban design at IUAV University in Venice, where he is now the coordinator of the PhD in Architectural Design. He is visiting Professor at the Institute of Architectural Design at the Politecnico of Krakow and the University of Applied Sciences, University of M√ľnster MSA.

Maria Giulia Montessori, architect, has been working in various fields. Copy editor, layout designer and copywriter she has designed and implemented several publishing projects and international co-editions of illustrated books. she worked as head of communication in real estate development projects aimed to the regeneration of the Venice waterfront. She has been carrying out technical due diligence reports and building monitoring surveys.