Larissa: Design Competition for the Ancient Theatre Site


year 2022 International Competition

team members Armando Dal Fabbro, Vincenzo D'Abramo, Claretta Mazzonetto, Mattia Cocozza. With Valeria De Filippis, Vittoria Pizzol

promoted by City of Larissa; UIA

location Larissa (Greece)

Competition Site 42 hectares. The competition site is divided into 2 areas: the immediate surrounding area of the ancient theater and the larger area of influence of the theater

program The idea of the project concerns a fundamental topic of our time: the coexistence of the ancient with the contemporary, preserving the archeology and defining form and space of the city. The tool is the interpretation of the “urban void” as space of relationship between the topical places that characterized and define the urban history of Larissa. The topic of the empty space is interpreted through two fundamental urban facts: the first is the theater-square-agora axis; and the second is the acropolis area, as urban park. The ancient theater is the fulcrum of this system, the central and monumental place of urban relation.The project assumes few essential elements. The space itself of the city is transformed in a theater where the architectures become the characters of a great urban scene, defining with their quiet monumentality the continuation of a tale that arises from the history of the place itself and continues through the potentiality of its transformation.