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On completion of the Venice Technological Scientific Park (VEGA pst), in 2001, an abandoned, run-down area of about one hectare remained in the triangular site. The ruin of industrial archaeology that occupied it used to be a former fertiliser warehouse. The city council’s intention was to make that area into a ‘technological sound centre’ (City of Music).

After five years the ‘City of Music’ project lapsed and in 2006 the area was assigned to the development company Nova Marghera Spa. 

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The restructuring of the former fertiliser warehouse (2008-2012) does not alter its shape and reformulates the playful nature of the first design, making it into a meeting centre with service functions in the centre of the areas that the Town Plan allocates to the VEGA pst.


Design and construction 2006-2012  (with Gianluca Ferro and Luigi Scottà)

Client Nova Marghera Spa

Project Manager Maria Giulia Montessori

Structures Studio Favero & Milan: reinforced concrete and metal framing; Plant Studio Diego Danieli: heat pump with geothermal ring using industrial water

Site surface 12.278 mq

Volume 46.116 mc

Open air theatre arena 1.660 mq

Pathways, squares, lawns 5.000 mq

Cost of work 25 mlns euro

view of the entrance
view of the building and the square
the project and VEGA pst area
the former warehouse interior
the former warehouse
the outdoor theater and square
the project concept
the project concept: cross section
the project concept
the project concept
first floor plan
section detail
northern facade
regenerated structure's detail
the northern porch
a view of the area


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